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What is PDR?

  • Paintless Dent Repair(PDR) is a method of repairing small dents without the cost and environmental risk of having the car repainted. This procedure was originated on vehicle manufacturers assembly line in order to repair dents and dings that couldn't be prevented during assembly.
  • PDR is now a standard repair in the Automobile Industry in which most Insurance Co., Body Shops and Car Dealerships prefer this kind of repair over trying to duplicate a factory finish which may or may not be possible. Like all repairs, Your experience will only be as good as the facility you have chosen. Feel Comfortable with a shop, ask Questions, request references. A quality shop will be more than happy to help you in any way they can.

Is PDR Magic?

  • PDR is not magic nor is it a secret, it does not involve extreme heat, dry ice, magnets or suction. Paintless dent repair is nothing more than a craft that is performed by craftsmen. There are myths and stories, but all PDR is generally performed the same by all shops, the difference is the experience and expertise of the technicians.
  • PDR is not a fix all, there are certain limitations to these repairs and these limitations should be recognized and followed in order to maintain a quality repair.

How is PDR Possible?

  • PDR is now Possible due to the new thinner materials that today's vehicles are made from and also are much more flexible paint finishes that are available to repair facilities today. Along with better materials to work with, the art of PDR has also grown. With better tools and more experienced technicians, PDR has become a permanent repair process..

How do I benefit?

  • The original factory finish is preserved.
  • No Plastic fillers are used.
  • Downtime without your vehicle is minimized.
  • Save Money in most cases.
  • Retain your factory warranty.

Can PDR and Conventional Repair be used on the same vehicle?

  • Absolutely! It is common to see Paintless Dent Repair used on lightly damaged panels, while more Extensively Damaged panels are Conventionally repaired or sometimes replaced.

When should a Conventional repair be favored over PDR.

  • When the dents are to deep, to large or to numerous.
  • When dents are in an inaccessible location.
  • When vehicles have checked, oxidized or poor paint finishes.
  • When vehicles have to much body fillers.
  • On campers, custom vans, motor homes.

What type of vehicle can be repaired PDR?

  • Both Foreign and domestic vehicles can be successfully repaired with Paintless Dent Repair. Steel, Aluminum, all can be repaired by skilled and trained technicians.

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